California Lobster + Shrimp Aglio e Olio Recipe

"'s no surprise that linguini aglio e olio is a meal I have made myself many times, particularly during the days I used to travel frequently for work. I could come back from out of town and know that I'd always have garlic cloves, olive oil, linguini, and chili flakes on hand. Cooking up a big batch of pasta always had a way of helping me settle into home again, of making the space feel instantly lived-in in a way a takeout meal couldn't."

Cookbook of the Month: August 2017, How to Bake Everything by Mark Bittman (+ my favorite classic American pie crust recipe)

Lemon bars made with gelatin give you a clean, precise slice when all is said and done. They're great for presentation. Lemon bars without gelatin are more gooey, less showy, and meant for Sunday afternoons sitting on the porch catching up with a close friend. They are completely lacking in pretension-- they may not totally hold their shape while you're trying to plate them up, so you might as well eat them right out of the pan.

Cookbook of the Month, April 2017: Dorie's Cookies by Dorie Greenspan

April's Cookbook of the Month is: Dorie's Cookies by Dorie Greenspan

Among all of my cookbooks, my Dorie Greenspan books are likely the ones I have used the most over the years. She has a very approachable way of writing, to the point that you feel she could be your cool next door neighbor who shares killer recipes at every block party, and always has a batch of excellent homemade cookie dough in her freezer* (*a personal life goal of my own.)

What I learned from culinary school

If you're considering culinary school, you should know that the mental and physical demands of kitchen life will toughen you as a human, humble you, push you to your limits, cut you, bruise you, burn you, and leave you with cocoa-powder-tomato-paste-stained chef coats.  But if you have passion and a love for learning, it will hone your skills, build your confidence, and give you a lot of unforgettable learning experiences in the process.